At Foxlight Designs, we’re dedicated to bringing you a comprehensive, visually stunning digital solution with performance to match. From fully responsive web design and development to social media strategy and unique assets, we'll look after the technical stuff so you can present yourself in a way you're proud of. Our services are customized to meet your needs so whatever you're looking for, we'll help you find it.

OUR BEST assets


We create custom, responsive websites with a focus on making a full digital experience that immerses the user and leaves a lasting impression.


We focus on having our sites function as well as they look. We look after the code and technical details in the background to make sure every site works to a high standard.


We optimise all our websites to achieve the best search engine results possible to make sure the right people see your site.


We provide full social media integration capability into all of our websites allowing you to update your audience all in one place.


With so many devices having internet access nowadays, websites need to be scalable to fit every screen type. Over half of all web traffic currently comes from mobile devices so it's imperative that websites can adapt to the wide range of screen sizes available.

We integrate full responsive design into all of our websites to ensure that they look great so that whether they're viewed at home or on the go, our websites deliver a perfect experience every time. 

Responsive Web Design and Development



Websites need to function flawlessly so as not to deter the user from the site. Small annoyances can cause them to decide to not to go with a certain company or site for what they're looking for.

We make sure that all of our sites work flawlessly and flow seamlessly to make sure that the focus stays on the content being provided by the client and not on the website itself.

With the internet evolving at such a fast pace, all of our code is written with the latest practices and web technologies in mind so that they are as up to date as possible.

Web Development